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'My Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Promised Land (Economy) And It's All 'Eco�??!'

Posted by green2stay on April 16, 2016 at 1:10 AM

The Fossil Fuel Dilemma

Elon Musk summed it up beautifully

'"Given that at some point they'll run out anyway, why run this crazy experiment to see how bad it'll be?

The Fossil fuels delima is not just about the environmental argument,

It is also encompasses the point that removing these products or changing there molecular structure of solids to gases(_) without knowing what crucial purpose they play in the earths survival’s processes goes against the fundamental progression of human understanding,

I mean when was the last time you discovered that any form of life or yield to this planet served no purpose of its current forms and didn't perform a crucial role to maintain the Earths delicate balance?


'What purpose does all this oil and gas play down there? 'It would be more reasonable to suggest that under the ground it serves an important role, in harmony with everything to our knowledge on this planet does in its raw state?


We really need to go beyond the old argument politician's and corporate fossil lobby uphold that 'It's there because we need to drive our economies with energy!,

I mean since when did such lame emptied reasoning take over our power of reason?.

Just how lazy have we humans become?.


One would think that an economic cost is motive alone to strive to at least give the fossil fuel industry a better argument given the enormous expense of even locating and extracting these elements?, not to mention to transport refine and market these products?.

'If the fossils fuel motive was our defense lawyer we would all be locked up, with no hope for release,

It's just such a lame argument!.


I don't do public discussion's for 2 reason's 1/ Is I am not a climate scientist and so I leave the scientific argument about to the science to those who practice science.

2/ I just get so frustrated at the seemingly lack of action and lame excuses given for the slow degrading course our 'Leaders' are leading us down!


But one thing I have come to understand from maintaining 15 websites 3 communities and over 30 social forums over 5 years? is the 'enormous commercial and social potential of this forum!'


I think if I was promoting any other product other sustainable economies I would probably be very financially settled by now, but not even a fraction job satisfied as what I am involved doing now!


As a child I envisioned a time when we as humans could achieve economic, political, religious and cultural unity and still maintain our individual geographic and historic individuality.


And now because of the rapid exchange of information on the worldwide web I can imagine that time!,

hence the title of this discussion 'hallelujah'







'So what is my rant?

2 points actually first the 'negative'


'Climate change is 'real' We are definitely increasing it's destructive effects and we consciously 'choosing' to do so!'


I mean for those of religious persuasion even the bible prophesied or foretold a time someone would be destroying the Earth? Revelation 11:18 (!)


Not of the religious type? well the how about the studies of Svante Arrhenius(^) who rationalized the case of the term 'greenhouse effect (@), in the early 1900's one of several who did including Alexander Graham Bell who in 1917 wrote "[The unchecked burning of fossil fuels] would have a sort of (#)greenhouse effect(*)", and "The net result is the greenhouse becomes a sort of hot-house.'Bell went on to also advocate the use of alternate energy sources, such as solar energy. Bell saw the 'Eco' promised land with eyes of faith as a scientist!.


The second point -

2/'Is good news' is the rapid understanding of global environmental events as communicated by the web and the adoption of technologies that minimize or reduce our dependence on these fuels,


But the really unifying, co-operative and utopian result in all of this is that no matter the creed or religion, color or economic or even political identity you pertain to?, is does not figure,

'for the first time we are completely unified by the realization we are 'ALL' doomed or saved depending on your outlook!


My dream of world unity has come about by way of a sort of a cruel irony!




Relevant Education


As I have witnessed, encouraged, and acceptance of a thriving 'Eco' Tourism Industry In developing countries, I see not only an opportunity for better economic distribution of more regional or communal areas, but also an increased awareness and appreciation for long existing indigenous survival skills and wisdom. This new appreciation of the success of these peoples to adopt and utilize the natural resources in a sustainable manner is rapidly being distributed amongst a younger generation of students and travelers eager to share this by means of social media.

This acknowledgment and acceptance of these ancient methods must not be underestimated in it's ability to teach humans vital skills to co-operate and thrive in harmony with the environment.


As it stands the testimony or the fruit-age or results of ones education is demonstrated by the achievements or failure's of a community that promotes that program. This alone is evident to the fact of complete failure of some aspects our so-called higher education in it's record of protecting our source of life, Earth itself!.Why because the teaching or educating and advocating the adoption and continued use of these method's is bringing our species to the brink.




This highlights an urgent need of reflection on the fundamentals that drive our system namely our Education, is warranted whereby if those fundamentals directs us to maintain and hold to a destructive course,


The time for defending educative traditions is long past, if the mentors and graduates of that education namely scientist's and academic's themselves call us to question these results produced by this syllabus for our continued survival or existence, do they not?


Moreover research has suggested that education or learning begins in the womb so early development or appreciation of a sense of moral duty to the Environment's health in the gauge of our societies success is a foundation in the 'basic' teaching's of many indigenous culture's if not all, and actively encourage the nurturing of these teaching's at a very early age of life.(&)

This adoption of indigenous teaching's should not just stem from a desire for just a passive inclusion of these culture's nor just as fashionable decoration, but from a genuine effort in understanding how humans and nature can exist and succeed, but further in many instances also from an acknowledgment of the superiority of these methods over traditionally accepted schooling programs, in their ability to protect our natural life systems. The earlier in life these inclusions occur the sooner these environmental values will be adopted and strengthened and even improved. The sooner our prospective cultural, economic and social values can evolve to reflect that wisdom and understanding while maintaining our unique distinctive diverse values.


Not only that but the sooner these ancient methods that partner Eco tourism so successfully, are shared The sooner these skills will be regarded with the seriousness that they deserve as an alternative for partnering all Industries, for researching and funding many sustainable businesses, professions and industries that are available for our youth.


Media's Role

So this global dilemma’s realization, must be the focus and motive of our combined effort to exert sustainable international economic solutions.


Media plays a crucial role in the public's acceptance for urgent action away from damaging fossil fuels no matter what the economic challenges imagined, Because 'the planet is not constrained to act within the parameter’s that seem convenient to our financial comfort zone'.


Governments need to cease from using mainstream media as the mouth peace of their personal party agenda's and rapidly commence arguing the case of cleaner safer energy solutions to maintain any relevance to their ruling pertinence or existence.


'They can still use their own perception and party style adopted to the debate they just need to do it with the real vigor and urgency passion as such an argument of this importance demands!'


Wanted Democratic Leaders, Cowboy's And Gambler's need not apply!

'The Fatalist Party' Ideal that blind market forces will eventually prevail and everything will all just fall into place like the end of a Hollywood Feature Is not only foolish it betrays the trust in which leader's are selected and elected!'


Nether is the notion that some deities will rescue us from all our conscious foolish decision’s, against practical act of reason!

'You just have to examine the history books or the bible to decipher the outcome of these courses?'


Government Policy Crucial


If Research development and investment are to drive this 'new (clean) economy. Then strong Government policy along with targets is necessary to dissuade from the path of least resistance or inaction!


Information Sharing


These policies require strong and deliberated debate along with scientific argument,

The results of prospective variations in method of delivering these solutions should demonstrate obvious success results. In many instances these adoptive measure's is already producing positive results which eliminate the need for re-valuation and costly time, energy and funding!


In Conclusion


Pondering the challenges and opportunities ahead I believe finally the social and personal health benefits alone are a strong motive for guiding our pathway on this 'new' sustainable economy if not also for the economic, technological and educative reasons. Because from my observation the stifling factor in our progressive survival is the inability to use the necessary energy needed to produce these developments. Sustainable energy system's will remove these obstructions and reinvigorate our creative or inventive potential so we can achieve these results.


If there is still any doubt about the inability to deliver these positive outcome from all levels please examine the many thousands of concurrent posts, blog's and report's from our “Eco' sustainability network.

They have greatly encouraged myself a former skeptic and teacher to that effect and they bring testimony to the unifying effect of this new awareness, all the way from the halls of university grounds to the jungles of Africa, Asia and the Amazon. Recorded over the last five years and available on all formats on our sites,(see :http://green2stayecotourism.webs.com/worlwide-eco-family-network


With that I invite and encourage you to join me in peering into that promised land either from a spiritual or secular level and 'see that truly it is all 'Eco'



(-) source - https://www.wou.edu/las/physci/GS361/Energy_From_Fossil_Fuels.htm

(@)source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Svante_Arrhenius


(!)Revelation 11:18 'NIV '...and to destroy those who destroy the earth."

(^) source http://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/Features/Arrhenius/

(#)source http://everything.explained.today/Greenhouse_effect/

(&) source (in part) Using the Environment in Mathematics and Science Teaching: An African and Aboriginal Perspective Anthony N.Ezeife

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